Still working, pandemically??

10th May, 20215 min read

Different parts of the Indian subcontinent are strategizing a complete lockdown to curb the pandemic. Essentials like daily needs, hospitals & medicals, banks and other govt offices are functioning with only 50% of their workforce. Corporates have given up office spaces and are socially opting for work from home options.

However, in times of such crisis, there is one devoted individual that is running around to make sure that your workplace remains just as you left it- the WATCHMAN

As we entitle, a watchman's fundamental duty is to stop any prohibited activity at his employer’s workplace. He also stands accountable for guarding his employers, co-employees, customers, clients, and residents if any.

Additionally, they are also laid down with

  • Alert quick and agile behaviour at the workplace
  • Guarding multiple spots in the workplace
  • Proactively curbing any damage
  • Detecting potential threats
  • Supervising overall transactions
  • Eliminating intrusion
  • Alerting authorities about the accident at the workplace
  • Logging daily entries & personnel check-ins and more
  • Easily retrieve & access to data if required
  • 24/7 availability

  • But how feasible and possible is it to have a watchman in times of such a widespread pandemic?

    Thats why, OurEye.ai.

    The simple solution to it- AI.
    Check us out at OurEye.ai to see how our AI watchman is the new solution for your workplace.