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 How the world of auditing  is changing

We have all heard the term ‘Auditing’ at some point in our lives and if you are wondering what it is, simply put, auditing is examining and finding a way to better existing processes to ensure adherence which allows businesses to scale with standardisation. With the world changing drastically, the auditing process has also been seeing a plethora of changes and most importantly the one where see a focus on safety, hygiene and quality and various other parameters that helps businesses grow...

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 Booming OurEye into 2021

The year 2020 transformed the world. A newfound global pandemic and a revolutionized living. ‘Where is your mask?’ as the new anthem and ‘social-distancing’ the 'Word of the Year'. As pandits of science & medicine racked their brains to find the cure, laymen searched for means of livelihood, ironically contrary to growth, essayed at the start of 2020. As unemployment and global layoffs rose to disheartening heights, businesses and entrepreneurs set aside planning & growth... Read more →

 AI setting new horizons in  Food

How beautiful the word sounds and how delicious when it runs down the mouth. Food has dynamically evolved from three simple square meals to a delicious platter of world cuisines. Today food has become more than just survival.
With food that is savoured for it’s taste than just human existence, demands to consume quality tasty & clean food has variably gone high. Bringing in the need of AI...

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